How to select the best RFID Tag for your jewelry store?

The three most important components of the RFID inventory management system are –

  • 1. RFID tags
  • 2. RFID scanner
  • 3. RFID printer
  • 4. RFID software

About RFID tags

The right RFID jewelry tag is a crucial component of a high-performance RFID system. A tag or label includes integrated circuits and an antenna, Each RFID tag has a unique ID and is associated with a specific item. The RFID scanner recognizes the unique ID and then can access all characteristics associated with that item. A unique ID is stored on the tag and the item data is stored in the software which they are using for their jewelry business. Any changes made about the item is only reflected in the software, which means there is no need to change the tag.

If you need to buy the RFID for jewelry tagging for your jewelry business, you should choose the best and the most suitable tag according to your business requirements in this segment. Choosing the right tag can be a difficult task. Here are some tips on how to select the right RFID tags for your business.

Types of Tags Offered

While adopting an RFID jewelry tracking, the tag type selection is essential to consider for your jewelry store management. There is a Suppliers offer vast variety collections of tags such as active tags, passive tags, high frequency tags and ultra-high frequency tags. Some factors affecting the tag selections are sensor requirement, size, form, antenna orientation and size, application, cost, and weight.

Environmental Condition

The environmental condition may affect the durability of RFID jewelry tags. The tags are embedded within products might encounter the pressure and maximum temperate at the time of the RFID tags manufacturing. You can determine the environmental condition and choose the tag which will travel for an extended period.

Read Reviews

Reading the customer review is the best way to know more about the RFID tags. The previous customer will share their experience on the internet. It will aid the first-timer buyer to choose the best tags while buying a large number of tags.

Cost of the RFID Tags

The cost is another factor that the buyer takes into consideration before ordering the product. Based on the quality and features, the cost of the product can vary. You should always opt for products which are suitable for your jewelry store management considering environmental factors rather than focusing on the cost, one should always investigate before making any decision. Rareworks offers various varieties of tags catering all type of jewelry businesses and gives you the opportunity to test and try every product before making any decision.

RFID Tags and Solutions Offered by Rareworks

Rareworks has a wide product offering to simplify, modernize, and enhance all functions of a jeweler’s business - RFID, POS, E-Commerce, Customer Engagement, all customized and curated for the jewelry industry. Backed by our passion and love for the technology, our game-changing innovations have seen an expansion in the customized product line - redefining the possibilities of technology.

Rareworks introduced software including like Tiara for jewelry and diamonds and Trinity, a business analytics software for jewelers.

  • 1. Tiara – RFID for Jewelry

  • Tiara is an Android based application, specifically developed, keeping in mind the operational requirements of a jeweler for carrying his day-to-day activities instore, while also attending exhibitions/shows, visiting clients, sending consignments, and other asset movement.

    The various functionalities of this application enable its user to accomplish tasks in no time, effortlessly and accurately. These automated processes ultimately save time, effort, money, and dependency for any organization. RFID averts potential loss, not only of assets but also of a sale walking out the door because you can’t find the piece they want. Your team can focus on sales, customers, and designs rather than counting and looking for missing items.

    Tiara also creates unique customer engagement opportunities, strengthening the interaction and long-term relationships with buyers.

  • 2. Application for Diamonds

  • It is an Android-based application which can not only do stock audit, item search, list preparation but can track the partial movement of the stone lots. This application can be used by certified stone merchants to browse the information of over 20 different stone attributes in a single consolidated view including one or more certificate images.

    The application unites carat-based traceability required for loose stone lots with the piece-based traceability for certified stones. It is a versatile solution powered by all the advantages associated with the technology.

  • 3. Trinity – RFID based business analytics

  • Trinity (jewelry business intelligence tool) makes it possible to have a close watch on each and every item. The comprehensive software has a fast interface and is easy to use.

    Times are changing and you as a business owner understand that it is the right time to break out of your comfort zone and embrace technology thereby maintaining pace with the digital world that we now live in.

    Well, luckily you don’t have to worry, because we Rareworks work hard to make life easier for you We aim at simplifying this “Complex World of Analytics” through a combination of easy-to-use products that result in increased sales, improved staff efficiency, effective stock replenishment, all eventually contributing to increased and improved revenues & profitability of your business. In short, we provide you the complete Jewelry Data Analytics.

  • 4. Reflect

  • Reflect makes it possible to create a unique and memorable shopping experience for your customers through Augmented Reality or Virtual try on of jewelry. It offers customers a realistic, personalized product presentation for them to try out dozens of products, thereby enhancing the user experience. Being highly customizable, digital kiosks can act as remote representatives of companies, replacing a range of services that are traditionally carried out manually. It reduces the burden on staff and extends the reach to a larger audience. With deeper customer insights businesses can ensure higher revenues.

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