How is AR Changing the Jewelry Industry?

As several industries were shuffled badly during the pandemic, the jewelry industry has also suffered a harsh hit during this time. And the business who had their online presence have survived. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now, with our understanding of the jewelry industry and the buyer’s behavior. The modern buyer is busy. Businesses who have understood this are adopting Virtual Try on Jewelry Solution which has helped them to increase their revenue like never before.

Augmented Reality for Jewelry
Augmented Reality / Virtual Try on Jewelry overlays a photo or live image from the device’s camera with a 3D model of jewelry. The software then uses trackers to align the virtual jewelry with the user’s finger, wrist, neck, or other body parts.

If you are someone who owns a jewelry store and are little skeptical about adopting Virtual Try on Jewelry Software, then you have landed at the right place. You will find all the related information related to the opportunities, challenges, solutions on AR/VR provided by Rareworks.

Challenges faced by jewelry business who have online presence

  • 1. The biggest issue that prevents customers from buying online is the inability to physically test the product.
  • 2. There is a problem of choice overload online, which makes it hard to stand out from competitors and keep the customer’s attention for long enough to finalize the purchase
  • 3. It is difficult to assure people about the quality of the product and gain their trust while selling online.
  • 4. Customers stumble with their decision to buy a piece of jewelry online because it is costly and they have no idea how the jewelry will look on them.

How augmented reality jewelry solves these problems

  • • Virtual Try on Experience

Shopping online always carries the risk of unfulfilled customer expectation, but a business that adopts Augmented Reality /Virtual Try on solution solves this problem. Shoppers now have the unique chance to check out how the jewelry looks so they can confidently move from browser to buyer.

With the [Augmented Reality/Virtual jewelry try on experience] Your customer sees exactly how it will look on them. Rareworks virtual jewelry try on solution can easily integrate AR/VR to your websites and apps so that your customers can have the most fulfilled self-checkout experience.

  • • Creates educated and well-informed customers

Augmented Reality facilitates customers seeing every minute detail of the jewelry before ordering. It was not possible with the traditional method of selling jewelry as there were boring still images of jewelry that could not express the depth and detail of each piece.

  • • Personalize customer experience

Augmented reality & Virtual try on lets the customers find out the exact size of the jewelry they want. They can also customize the size and the fit of the jewelry and order accordingly as it also gives your customers the freedom to place the order for custom jewelry, for ex – Virtual try on helps the customer to analyse how a pendant of a certain size is going to look on them and if they want to order a bigger or smaller size as per their requirement, they can do that.

  • • Impactful presentation with smooth user experience

Augmented Reality gives your customer a top-notch user experience. It will also help to boost your revenue. A virtual try on jewelry software is innovative, informative, and fun. It also makes you stand out from your competitors.

  • • 24 x 7 Contactless shopping experience

Due to Covid 19, the contactless shopping trend started and now it is not ending any time soon. You can offer 24 x 7 a contactless shopping experience to your customers online. Augmented Reality jewelry will attract many customers.

  • • Boost your sales

The boring, still images of jewelry are an outdated option for today’s sophisticated online shopper. It takes something different to turn browsers into purchasers. By adopting AR/VR, you give your customers the ability to first try and then buy, this will really help you to give your customers a great buying experience which will assist them in making their purchase decision.

Rareworks Virtual Try on Jewelry Solutions
We at Rareworks help you to create a unique and memorable shopping experience through Augmented Reality/ Virtual Try-on Jewelry.

Our Kiosk Reflect will help you in Virtual try on of your jewelry items as in “Try before you buy” experience adds enormous value for consumers in the shopping journey. It offers customers a realistic, personalized product presentation for them to try out dozens of products, thereby enhancing the user experience.

Being highly customizable, [digital kiosks] – can act as remote representatives of companies, replacing a range of services that are traditionally carried out manually. It reduces the burden on staff and extends the reach to a larger audience.

The Reflect can speed up your routine processes and consequently decrease delays and queues. These self-service kiosks can easily adapt to meet emerging trends and the need to serve more customers pivoting quickly as the market often demands.

It is very cost-effective and offers a keen return on investment. With improved upselling capabilities, they are key to improving brand loyalty, enhancing the customer buying experience and generating increased revenue.

AR/VR will help you increase sales and up-sell products in your jewelry business without doing extra work. AR will give you the opportunity to leverage the insights from the data and harness the social media platforms, connecting you to those customers who were previously beyond your reach. Here is a new platform to market new launches and offers and bring more buyers to your online and brick and mortar stores. Many well-known brands are already enjoying the benefits of augmented and virtual reality and are taking advantage of this brilliant technology. If you are looking to enhance your jewelry business with AR/VR, then Rareworks Pvt. Ltd. is always there to help

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