How to select the best RFID Tag for your jewelry store?

  • 26 May 2022
  • As the jewelry industry deals with such high-value assets, jewelers have realized the benefits of adopting RFID inventory management for their business. RFID (radio frequency identification technology) readers are globally used to track items and prevent loss.

How to select the best POS system for your jewelry store

  • 26 May 2022
  • When a business owner gets to the point that their operations are getting increasingly complex and harder to track, it is usually time for a change. It really does not matter whether you sell designer jewelry or rare gemstones, you need software to help manage all the moving pieces of your jewelry store. From vendor management to tracking stock and purchase order creation, a POS system can help you manage your jewelry store throughout the year.

Benefits of RFID Jewelry Tracking System for Jewelers

  • The global jewelry industry deals with the most valuable products, from diamonds, precious metals, colored gems and bespoke designs. The very nature of jewelry pieces makes them unique in the retail marketplace. Maintaining and keeping track of jewelry is not an easy task. Every business in this industry needs to count their inventory on a frequent basis to ensure that everything is where it should be.

How is AR Changing the Jewelry Industry?

  • As several industries were shuffled badly during the pandemic, the jewelry industry has also suffered a harsh hit during this time. And the business who had their online presence have survived. We have been in this industry for more than a decade now, with our understanding of the jewelry industry and the buyer’s behavior. The modern buyer is busy. Businesses who have understood this are adopting Virtual Try on Jewelry Solution which has helped them to increase their revenue like never before.

What sets your company apart from your competitors?

  • Scaling a business means understanding various aspects of the company, from how to create awareness for your brand to dealing with sales, generating a customer base and so much more, all of which can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, you need to ensure that all these aspects are running effectively.

How Not to Hate Taking Inventory!

  • As jewelers, conducting a physical inventory count is at the top of the list of our least favorite things. Nobody says, “Yay it’s time to take inventory!” It requires pinpoint precision and takes valuable time. Tracking inventory manually across different software and spreadsheets is time-consuming, redundant, and vulnerable to errors. Many jewelers shut down operations for a period, losing selling time.