Benefits of RFID Jewelry Tracking System for Jewelers

The global jewelry industry deals with the most valuable products, from diamonds, precious metals, colored gems and bespoke designs. The very nature of jewelry pieces makes them unique in the retail marketplace. Maintaining and keeping track of jewelry is not an easy task. Every business in this industry needs to count their inventory on a frequent basis to ensure that everything is where it should be. The jewelry industry has a high-end market where individual item identification has not been technically or practically possible, until the advent of RFID jewelry management solutions.

Today, all the RFID jewelry management solutions in the market focus on managing individual items or trays of jewelry, regardless of whether they are in jewelry display cases or stored in the backroom. You can secure your jewelry store with the RFID jewelry tracking system provided by Rareworks – the leading RFID Jewelry management solution providers worldwide. Rareworks RFID tracks individual pieces, watch trays, and bulk stored items across worldwide retail and wholesale locations. When combined with your ERP software, RFID gives you unprecedented visibility of your assets.

RFID adoption has a positive impact throughout the workplace – from improving stock control and optimizing inventory purchases to boosting sales and reducing holding costs. Reduce staff efforts in operations – receiving, checkout and physical counting, to focus more on sales and client engagement. RFID adoption helps in boosting the efficiency and productivity of businesses, raising the bar on high – level customer satisfaction. It also offers businesses new and unlimited marketing opportunities – tracking customers’ purchases and in-store suggestive selling makes communication with shoppers more interactive.

Top Benefits of RFID in Jewelry Management:

  • • Faster, more accurate stock takes
  • • Staff can focus on clients and designs rather than counting and recounting.
  • • Save money and hours as stock takes are done in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • • Reconcile with more finds than write-offs.
  • • Engage with clients in a unique and memorable way.
  • • Real-time visibility of available inventory. You cannot sell it if you cannot find it
  • • Detailed reporting by location
  • • Better traceability of stock, preventing loss or theft.
  • • Greater security for valuable items.
  • • Tamper evident tags available.
  • • Avoid counterfeiting.

What Rareworks offer?

Times are changing and, you, as a business owner, understand that it is the right time now break out of your comfort zone and embrace technology taking advantage of the digital world to stand out from your competitors

Luckily, you don’t have to worry, because we at Rareworks work hard to make life easier for you with our innovative products such as:

  • • Tiara – starter kit for jewelry:

Tiara is an Android based application, specifically developed, keeping in mind the operational requirements of a whether carrying out day-to-day activities in store, attending trade shows, visiting clients, sending items out to sales reps or on consignment, or any of the many transactions the jewelry retailer and wholesaler do every day. The various functionalities of this application enable its user to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, effortlessly and accurately. This automation ultimately saves hundreds of staff hours and money in addition to averting potential loss.

  • • App for Diamonds:

It is an Android-based application which can not only do a complete stock audit, search for specific gem parcels, and create reports, but can track the partial movement of the stone lots. This application can be used by certified stone merchants to browse the information of over 20 different stone attributes in a single consolidated view including certificate images. The application unites carat-based traceability required for loose stone lots with the piece-based traceability for certified stones. It is a versatile solution powered by all the advantages associated with RFID technology.

  • • Trinity – Business Intelligence Software:

Trinity is a jewelry business intelligence tool that makes it possible to have a close watch on each item. The comprehensive software is an easy to use, fast interface to make the task easy. Trinity helps you collect valuable data, without extra steps from you. Trinity churns this data to get valuable insights & actionable reports which help you to make informed business decisions. Colloquially, it can also be termed as the Jewelry Analytics Software which provides you data so you can make more informed decisions by answering questions like – What is the throughput of the business and where are the bottlenecks? What products should be restocked? Which should be eliminated? Which salespeople are performing the best?, Is all your stock accounted for? Etc. We aim at simplifying this complex world of analytics through a combination of easy-to-use Apps, Hardware and Web Application automatically operating in the background. The results: increased sales, improved staff efficiency, effective stock replenishment, all eventually contributing to increased and improved revenues & profitability for your business.

Rareworks innovates cutting edge solutions to help jewelers grow sales and lower expenses. Digitally transform your business and connect with your customers. Starting with RFID jewelry management solutions, our customized product line has expanded to include an e-commerce platform, augmented reality, POS, business analytics and finance options – all created with the jeweler’s needs in mind.

With Rareworks RFID, jewelers not only adopt streamlined systems but also capitalize on their physical store and showroom assets to stand out among competitors, with the ability to seamlessly integrate all aspects of their business, blending online and in-store shopping experiences to create a richer engagement across all channels and platforms. Rareworks solutions take into consideration the future needs of jewelers, while fully capturing ROI today. They focus on the scalability of the business, enabling expansion across numerous integration touch points.

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