Our Values

Integrity - A mutually respectful work environment is the foundation of a successful business organization. It is about wholeness, honesty, and being the same person in all situations. We ensure that we live by it every day as it builds a strong reputation, trust, and healthy relation with people.

Transparency - It embodies honesty and open communication. Employees are more engaged and committed to the vision of the company. We fully understand the mission and feel vested to share ideas, display creativity, and bring about innovation to achieve the desired objective.

Passion - The road to success is crowded and passion is what drives our success. It has helped us believe in what we do and deliver unmatched solutions to make a difference, build an authentic brand and brand story. It has helped us become experts in what we do and sets us apart from others.

Innovation - It gives organizational sustainability when continual improvements are being made. We ensure that we stay relevant and that our customers see the value add of our products via innovation. We don't just care about creating a new product or service which we can sell, but also focus on our existing business procedures to improve client's efficiency, help them add new customers, and cut down on their idle hours.

Customer Excellence - It's not just about being courteous in every interaction with a client but it is integral on how people view the business. It all starts with our training and the attitude we wear every day. Our dedicated and focused support and services, the above-and-beyond efforts for outstanding customer services ensures that our clients promote us.

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The Beginning

We started as an RFID company with the goal of improving jewelers inventory management and workflow. Today, our product offerings have expanded to simplify, modernize, and enhance all functions of a jewelers business - RFID, POS, E-Commerce, Customer Engagement, all customized and curated for the jewelry industry.
With the idea of ROI slowly being replaced by ROE or return on experience, our clients expressed the desire to meet their customers “in the moment” and repeatedly asked us to spread the RFID magic to other channels. Our customers wanted solution which would allow them to sell online with same level of efficiency and customer satisfaction as in physical stores. Thanks to the powerful advantage of direct digital access to consumers and the analytics capabilities to businesses, we realized the potential of innovating a frictionless and seamless customer experience. This is how rareworks was born.

Backed by our passion and love for the technology, our game-changing innovations have seen an expansion in the customized product line - redefining the possibilities of technology.
We continually work to create a more trusting and collaborative environment within. We drive innovation that makes operations easy and increases productivity. We are passionate about our customers to help them achieve their goals with the collaboration of technology. By applying our reach, scale, and resources, we try to deliver on bold goals.

Life @rareworks

Rareworks supports the culture that empowers a humble, problem solving and diverse workforce. We are a global team and value contributing to a respectful, open, transparent, and evolving company culture. We live the core values through individual behaviours. We practice integrity without compromise and focus on customer service to ensure that we are delivering awesome products that drive amazing results.

Some of our Customers

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